When most people think of whistleblowers they of think of people like Sherron Watkins, the Congress-appointed whistleblower who testified about accounting irregularities at Enron.  Watkins, who was the Vice President of Corporate Development at Enron was named a “Person of the Year” by Time Magazine in 2002.

You don’t have to be a vice president to be a whistleblower. A whistleblower is anyone who has information about government fraud and is willing to take steps to stop wrongdoing. Because fraud can happen at any place that uses government funds, whistleblowers can be accountants, nurses, billing specialists, clerks, secretaries or teachers. Most whistleblowers are everyday people who work hard and want to do the right thing.

Medical Fraud

The American government pays billions of dollars to hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, nursing homes, and other healthcare providers through the Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare programs. Misuse of these funds is considered medical fraud. ….. Read more about medical fraud

Government Contractor Fraud

Each year, the U.S. government purchases goods and services thousands of government contractors and subcontractors.  Government contractor fraud occurs when contractors or subcontractors overcharge, provide low-quality goods, or fail to meet the terms of their contract. ….. Read more about government contractor fraud

Defense Contractor Fraud

Defense contractors are companies that provide goods and services to the American Military. Any conduct that cheats the military or misuses funds may qualify as defense contractor fraud. ….. Read more about defense contractor fraud

Education Fraud

Each year, American students are awarded billions of dollars in federal loans and grants.  However, many of the educational programs that use these funds, do not provide and education that will help students meet their career goals. Colleges and universities that falsify accreditation or misrepresent themselves in order to obtain financial aid funds are engaged in education fraud. ….. Read more about education fraud

Securities Fraud

Securities fraud refers to violations of the laws that are enforced by the federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act provide rewards and protection for whistleblowers who report violations of securities laws. ….. Read more about securities fraud

Grants and Research Fraud

Federal grant and research money must be used for the purposes for which the grant was awarded. Grants fraud refers to the misuse of federal funds intended for research, development, outreach, services or other projects. Research fraud refers to the intentional misrepresentation of results or data obtained from government-funded research. ….. Read more about grant and research fraud