What is a Whistleblower?

The dictionary defines a whistleblower as a person who reveals wrongdoing or exposes illicit activity within an organization to the public or a government authority. We define a whistleblower as someone who has the courage to do the right thing, despite potential risks. As attorneys, we consider it an honor to help our clients report fraud and misconduct and to obtain all the benefits they are eligible for under state and federal whistleblower laws.

Whistleblowers Attorneys

The whistleblowers attorneys at Petrelli Law, P.C. can help you report your employer’s actions to the proper authorities, protect you from retaliation, and ensure that you are eligible for whistleblower rewards.

Our attorneys represent American whistleblowers under the U.S. False Claims Act, False Claims Acts, Dodd-Frank Act, and Consumer Protection Act. Whether your case is big or small, we are here for you through every step of the whistleblowing process, from gathering evidence to filing a claim. Our priority is to make sure that you and your rights are protected.

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Do You Have a Whistleblower Case?

Whistleblowers are everyday people who find evidence of illegal or unethical behavior and take steps to stop the wrongdoing. There are many types of whistleblower cases; these are just a few examples:

An administrative assistant is told to pad the numbers on an expense report submitted to the government so that the company can receive maximum compensation.

The employee of a government contractor notices that his employer is grossly overcharging for materials used in a construction project.

A drug company sales representative is told to offer doctors rewards and incentives for prescribing an expensive new medication. He is told to promote off-label uses of the drug.

If you have evidence that your employer is misusing government funds, overbilling the government, submitting false claims for reimbursement or putting the public at risk, then you have a whistleblower claim.

Who We Are?

Whistleblower LawyerWhistleblower Lawyer

Sometimes, it’s hard to do the right thing.

If you have information about wrongdoing in the company you work for, it can be tempting to stay quiet. If you speak up, you could put your job and your reputation at risk. We understand.

Petrelli Law offers free consultations to potential whistleblowers. An attorney will meet with you to discuss your case and your legal options. There is no obligation and everything you say is protected by confidentiality rules.

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