U.S. Whistleblower Laws

The U.S. Government takes fraud and waste seriously. Therefore, there are a number of laws designed to protect and reward whistleblowers who stop wrongdoing against the government and the American people. Here are some of those laws and the types of cases that they cover.
  • False Claims Act: Cases where wrongful or fraudulent actions cause financial loss to the U.S government
  • Dodd-Frank Act: Applies to securities and commodities fraud
  • Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010: Violations of federal laws governing covering consumer mortgages, loans and credit cards and other consumer financial products and services
  • Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2008: Violations of government safety standards for consumer goods
  • Military Whistleblower Protection Act: Abuse of authority, discrimination, public health and safety issues, misconduct and violations of the law within the military
  • The Whistleblower Protection Act for Federal Employees: Protection for federal employees who report fraud or other wrongdoing within their agencies
  • The Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006: Tax fraud involving persons or corporations
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002: Fraud by a company or corporation against its shareholders
  • Aviation Investment and Reform Act: Airline safety issues
  • Energy Reorganization Act: Violations in the nuclear power or nuclear weapons industry
  • Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010: Violations of food safety standards
  • Mine Health and Safety Act: health and safety violations in U.S. mines
  • Pipeline Safety Act: Environmental and safety violations concerning oil or gas pipelines.
  • Protection of Seaman Against Discrimination Law: Violations of maritime law
  • Surface Transportation Act: Safety issues and violations of transportation law involving commercial vehicles, public transportation, and railroads

These are just some of the laws that protect and reward American whistleblowers. U.S. whistleblowers are also protected under many anti-discrimination, employment and environmental laws. If you have a question about whistleblower law or a potential whistleblower case, please contact Petrelli Law at 800-432-9461 to schedule a free consultation. An attorney will be happy to answer your questions. There is no obligation and anything you say will be kept confidential.